Actually starting to listen

So, one of the things my dietician was red-hot on was “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”. I was all “… lady, my body never told me not to when I got fat, so…”
Anyway. I’m trying to draw a line between “I have to eat every 2-3 hours” and “I’m not hungry.” I’m trying to eat something, even if it’s a piece of fruit.


There is room in my calories for a cookie or two. I ate my lunch and then I was all 😀 “… cookies nao?”

Then I paused for a second.

I checked my hunger levels. Nope. I’d just eaten lunch an hour and a half ago. Not hungry.

I waited another three quarters of an hour. OK, I was starting to get a little hungry.

I thought of eating a cookie. Nothing.

I thought of eating a banana. I started salivating.

So, I’m listening to my body. I’m having a banana, rather than a cookie.

It’s what my body wants, after all.

It’s just weird.

  1. I’m the same way sometimes. The other day all I really wanted was an apple. They had donuts and cookies and candy all over the place but I wanted an apple. I ended up going to the store on my break just to get one lol The body wants what the body wants. Now if I could just get it to want ice cream and chips less and vegetables more…I’m working on it. Congrats on your victory today!

    • 😀 Thank you!

      It’s really hard, trying to balance “listening” versus “well, what the body wants is clearly unhealthy, so not listening.” But I’m finding it’s interesting how much better I feel these days and while I do have days when I am “EAT ALL THE THINGS”, sometimes I have days like today when I’m all “eh,” at the thought of food.

      The best thing my dietician ever said to me was “If you’re hungry, feed it. But first, think of eating a piece of fruit. Do you want to eat the fruit? If not, then you’re not hungry, you’re having a craving.”

      She helped me break it down further from there–thinking about macronutrients first, and then micronutrients (like, if the thought of chips, bacon and spaghetti carbonara is making you salivate it’s probably fat that you’re craving. If it’s bread, doughnuts and candy, it’s probably carbs. Etc. She taught me how to think of similar foods and see if they’re appealing, and then to go on to minerals/vitamins. I’ve never had a vitamin/mineral craving other than iron because my base diet is pretty good, but i have craved fat. And when I looked at my diet over the last ~4 days, I was absolutely low in fat for all of those days. I put a spoonful of oil over my salad, and the craving disappeared.)

      (And I hope the chip craving disappears. Mmmm, chips.)

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