Off the plateau

I’m finally off the plateau. My “trend line” in the Hacker’s diet was always going down, but it was so frustrating to see the scales not move. I couldn’t seem to break that 190.9 pound barrier–it wasn’t even that I dipped below and then would hover around it, I would just never measure below that number.

Yesterday was a bad day. I forgot to bring my yoghurt to work and couldn’t get out to buy one. I did have an apple as a snack in the afternoon, but it just doesn’t fill me up. I had fish planned that evening for dinner and I refuse to buy fish on anything other than the day I’m cooking/eating it, so I went to the shops while I was hungry.


Some chocolate and liquorice purchases later, I snacked on them was I was eating dinner.

But the thing is:

That’s not the end of the world. I don’t want to do it every day. But I did weigh my portions and log them. I cut out one of the veges (I was going to have fish, four veges and quinoa, and I ended up just having fish and three veges.)

Then I worked out that if I walked for an hour, my calories would balance for the day. I REALLY didn’t want to. It was cold and wet. But I put on a long-sleeved top and just went.

And then I thought “… if I do week 3 session 3 of Zombies Run 5k training, that will work out pretty much the same calorie-wise, AND it only takes 42 minutes.” So I ran.

My god it was hard work. The easy runs of Tuesday were a thing of the past. But I perservered and kept at it. Did all of the walk/run drills, ran the first five minutes. Didn’t manage to make half of one of the 8 minute freeform runs (it’s just a minimum I’ve set for myself) but did manage the other. At the end of the day, my calories balanced.

Also as a note to self–I dressed in a long-sleeved top, because I thought I was going to be walking. I should have dressed in a short-sleeved top as running just makes me too hot. Lesson learned.

And this morning the scales showed 190.

So: failing isn’t the end of the world, if you can control it, try to mitigate the damage and continuing to work will see you mostly ok.

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