Feeling my way

So, I honestly don’t feel hungry much. Or rather, I feel… english doesn’t have the words.

I feel hungry. What may be low blood sugar. But I can feel that while simultaneously feeling like my stomach is full–like around now (when I’m writing this), two hours after lunch. I had a huge salad with poached chicken breast. I feel physically full, but like I want to eat. It’s odd.

(note: as I type this, I had a soy yoghurt. The effect was immediate, too fast for blood sugar. So, that’s a psychological effect then. Interesting.)

Anyway, I’ve been reading and reading. Every thing I read does suggest that I should be eating more than I am. The thing is, I am eating more now (in terms of volume) than I have for a long time. The fact that I’m no longer eating cheese or bread, both of which are relatively dense in terms of calories to volume, probably accounts for it. (I say no longer, I mean, lunch is a huge amount of salad and a serve of chicken rather than lunch being a large roll with brie, beef and roquette. Volume-wise, they’re about the same. Fibre-wise and calorie-wise–not even close. )

I do have noticeably more energy. Every calculator (and for the record, this one seems really accurate) that I put my weight, age and height into as well as my basic level of activity tells me that my BMR is around 1,585 calories.

Maybe I should eat more and see if I lose weight? I don’t know.

I guess it’s a holding pattern until Saturday, when I talk to the dietician.

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