The emergence of bone

10.2 pounds lost this month, 4.2 lost in the past week.

My jeans are easier to get on over my thighs, but because I’ve lost a bit of fat around my belly they’re not staying up the best. Because I’m not stuffed into them like a sausage (although they’re still tight) I may need a belt until I lose a few centimeters off my thighs.

The thing is, looking in a mirror–I don’t see any difference. Maybe a SLIGHT reduction in my pot belly. But where I do notice a reduction is in the feel of my body.

I can distinctly feel bones in my fingers. I couldn’t before. My face is getting to be more square than round, and I can feel distinct lines of my jawbone and cheekbones. My collarbones are more distinct and where I could only vaguely have told you that yes, based on anatomical models I almost certainly had a sternum above my breasts, now I can feel it.

It’s hard not to get frustrated. I still have a pair of size 12 jeans in my wardrobe. I’m now a size 16-18. I’m glad I didn’t throw them out, because it’s been four years since I’ve been able to wear them. But I can see myself getting into them again–not now, but possibly by the end of the year.

Notes: I ran but didn’t lift weights last night because I started, then found I was too sore (I think I need to buy lighter dumbbells. On my list, along with another pair of tracksuit pants for exercise). But I’ll do legwork tonight and try to fit upper body in. But I’m really proud of myself for my run. The program I’m doing is Zombies Run 5K. I’m only in week 2, which was 30 second runs/5 heel lifts/a minute’s walk. Then at the end, they give you a 10 minute freeform run.

I started off walking for most of it. Then I managed a minute and a half of running. Then up to three, then four minutes.

Last night, I managed six minutes running, including a 2 minute run that went 30 seconds into cool-down time because I wanted to hit that 2 minutes. I’m improving. I can do this.

    • missusdiet
    • May 24th, 2013

    Before my surgery I did the C25K programme and got to 5km (when I started, I couldn’t run to save my life so I was VERY proud of myself to achieve this). Unfortunately, I won’t be able to run again for a few months so I’ll have to start again when I do get back on track. I remember it was hard though – Around week 5 and 6 I almost vomited following the programme and felt like I was having a heart attack at times. But I kept at it – and it worked. Interval training is AMAZING! Good luck and keep at it.

    • I actually like running for running’s sake. Also, since I’ve been running I haven’t had a secondary chest infection after a cold, and they’re usually a regular occurrence.
      Here’s hoping I can complete the program!

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