And so it goes

I have another appointment with another dietician this weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

I was thinking today about patterns. And how I actually think at the moment I’m in a healthy pattern. You see, I’ve always been bad at being “adult”. It was almost something I was proud of. I ate irregularly, some time between once a day and every two days. I ate huge meals. I ate cheese, which I love but am increasingly allergic to. I drank. A lot.

One of the things that was so hard about this time around is that I’m eating a LOT more. While before I would eat a baguette with roast beef and roquette and cheese for lunch, and then just drink or have leftover bread and cheese for dinner, and maybe just drink coffee the next day with whatever junkfood I scrounged for dinner, now I am eating three meals a day. I’m eating snacks.

Because I was sick yesterday, and also sick on Friday and on Saturday I had fasting bloods taken and so I couldn’t eat for half the day, I really noticed that my patterns were off. Saturday was really obvious–I couldn’t eat until I had my blood taken, so I got home and ate breakfast about 11:45am. Then I wasn’t hungry at lunch-time, a mere hour later, so I went out to do my weekly shopping. The shopping center was insane that week and there were a few special purchases I had to make so I was in there for quite a while.

When I got out at 4pm, I was shaking from low blood sugar. I bought things I didn’t really need because I was hungry. I consider it a major victory that I got out with only having bought smoked salmon and bread extra. (They were actually a really good choice, because I need more omega 3 fatty acids in my diet, and I swear, if I got home and had to make and eat a salad and wait for it to get my blood sugar up, I was going to cry.) Still, now I have most of a loaf of bread sitting on the counter. I may have to freeze it and have a slice or two on weekends.

Anyway, the point is: this diet gives me so much more energy, but it takes a couple of days to take effect. And because I ate all of the sugar yesterday, today is hard. I’m feeling lethargic and want to go for more sugar. It’s not too bad–I have my snacks and I know that tomorrow I’ll be feeling better and the day after I will be FULL of energy.

I just have to get there.

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