Trying not to theorise ahead of my data

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks, 3.5 pounds in one week.

I’m going to start eating back the amount I exercise. I realise that the calorie burn from the amount I exercise is guestimated, but it’s only approximately 160 calories.

If that doesn’t work to slow the weight loss, I’ll evaluate raising it another 100 calories.

This is the good thing about the Hackers diet. It gives you immediate feedback (if you weigh every day. Which, so long as I have a friend I can neuroticise at who is prepared to yell at me if I’m being dumb, I can do. It’s fascinating to realise that yes, my weight does consistently dip due to hormones and then raises at a particular time afterwards), and the trend line shows you problems reasonably soon. According to it, I’m at a calorie deficit of 917 and I should be at 850 to lose 1.7 pounds a week. (This is the trend. It’s smoothed, so it’s going to be less than actual. Also, given hormones, etc., I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out the last couple of days are a bounce.) I am expecting that after a 10-15 pound loss, I’m going to have to revise my diet calculator again because your body works that much more efficiently with less weight to pull around.

For the record, I write entries up to several days ahead, depending on when the mood strikes me. This entry was written on weigh-in day, or Wednesday. but won’t be published until Friday. That’s why things may sometimes seem to be out of order, or may make you go “… but she started this on the 1st of May!”

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