Well, that was a complete crock of shit.

I went to a dietician last night.

What I wanted was a brief assessment of my diet followed by some suggestions about areas I was deficient in, and maybe a recommendation on calorie intake.

What I got, instead, was informed that I was obese (thanks so much. I had no idea.) Followed by an hour long sales pitch. Complete with dubious science (unsourced “facts”, papers presented in little known journals/conferences, things that are just plain WRONG. Oh, and apparently when one is constipated, one’s red blood cells die from the toxins. UM WHAT?), orientalism and pressure to sign up for a six month program that would cost me $2000.

I challenged him on more than a few things. I was just SO PISSED that I’d told him what I needed/wanted and he completely ignored that for his sales pitch. Also, he wanted me to take algae as a supplement, and he was all “Oh, THAT isn’t right,” when I gave him details of what I was eating, but I couldn’t get him to give me details of what I should be eating instead.

He waived the fee, which is just as well. Otherwise I would have paid $145 for a sales pitch.

Why is this so fucking difficult?

  1. Hi – These people are colossal asshats and if he’d tried to charge you, I think I would have decked him. I’m not a dietician but we are currently in the second week of a fitness and food challenge. We’re doing a lot of exercise and on the food front, we have started drinking more water and cutting out snacks (except fruit). We have 6 weeks to go and you are more than welcome to follow along if you like. I never recommend weird supplements or try to sell you anything. We are just a group of women trying to help each other. Sorry about your experiences so far. http://www.countdownfrom50.com

    • Thanks so much! I’m not vegan, but I think I might follow along. I usually snack on fruit/almonds or occasionally have (soy) yoghurt.
      I just can’t believe there are such shysters out there! I’m prepared to pay for professional services, but I do not want to commit six months of my life and my firstborn child to do so!

      • Hi – Veganism is my choice and unlike quite a few vegans out there, I don’t ram it down anyone’s throat. That is not the way to get anyone’s understanding. The remaining challenges, like the first two, are fairly food neutral, so they can be adjusted to whatever your diet choices are. If you’re interested, just got to the first entries in the “8 Week Fitness Challenge” category and read up no what we’ve been doing. In a nutshell, so far we’ve changed our exercise routines, our water intake, and our terrible snacking habits. Let me know if you have questions.

    • caraannewilliams
    • May 18th, 2013

    One of the biggest challenges I’ve found in my own journey is just trusting myself to know what my body needs.

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