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I have no idea of the calories of this recipe–I THINK it maybe around 200 calories per serve, but I haven’t found a resource I trust for the calorific value of dried fava/broad beans. But it is FULL of fibre and protein and it’s low GI.

It will sit in your stomach like a brick. It sneaks up on you. Eat it SLOWLY because I’m pretty much sure you won’t want to finish your serve. It will stay with you for hours. Usually, I eat breakfast, a soy yoghurt and a banana as a mid-morning snack, lunch, an apple and some almonds as an afternoon snack. I ate ful medames for breakfast, as it’s a traditional breakfast food.

I didn’t want to eat any of my snacks. Hell, I didn’t want to have lunch. I only ate half my dinner.

The most incredibly filling recipe of all time, aka Ful Medames (pronounced Full med-ah-MES, with the stress on the last syllable. This is according to the Egyptian guy at work who I got the recipe from. Traditionally it’s eaten with pita bread and salad and quartered hard-boiled eggs. He was horrified when he heard I didn’t eat it with bread.)

It takes virtually no work for prep, but it does take up to two days to cook with soaking and all. So factor that in for your prep time. This amount serves six, or possibly more.


2 cups of dried fava beans/broad beans

1 cup dried red lentils

Cumin to taste (I used about 4 Tbsp, which will be 5 tbsp and 1 tsp to American readers)

Lemon juice to taste (I used around 120 mls)


Olive oil (optional, I didn’t use it)

Salt and pepper (optional, I didn’t use salt)


1. Rinse the broad beans and lentils and put them onto soak for 24 hours. Drain the water and refresh at least twice in that time. Drain them. DO NOT skin the broadbeans, that gives them fibre.

2. Put the broad beans and lentils into a pot with approx. 750mL of water (measurement does NOT have to be precise, it’s around covering the beans/lentils with two times the volume of the beans/lentils)

3. Bring to a rapid boil. A scum will form on the top, skim it off. At this stage, you can put it in the slowcooker/crockpot if you want (I did, it’s easier.)

4. Turn the heat right down to the lowest setting and simmer for five hours or until the beans are very soft and the liquid reduced. At this stage, you want it a bit more liquid than you think you do–it will thicken as it cools. Add more water as necessary. Note: I found that cooking in the slowcooker, I had to add a litre of water more SEVERAL times and also it took a full day of cooking before the broad beans broke down.

5. Add the cumin and lemon juice, salt and pepper if desired. Drizzle with oil if desired.


Serve with salad and pita or just eat by itself. If you are hungry after this, let me know and I will be VERY impressed.


    • caraannewilliams
    • May 16th, 2013

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it!

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