In which I am cranky

Spam comments really, really irritate me. So do fads, and most nutritional supplements. (Disclaimer: I do take calcium tablets because I can’t eat dairy, and I do use a protein powder because without it I eat too little for breakfast and I can’t face eggs or meat in the mornings. That’s it.) Pushy salespeople generally give me the irrits too.

I’m not interested in what you have to sell. I have a very good understanding of the science of weight loss and metabolism (… having a degree in it kind of helps.) I don’t believe in quick fixes and I’m not spending money, beyond the basics that I need to exercise (clothing and maybe a yoga mat. I’ll look at weights later) and buy healthy food. And by “healthy” food, I mean food that is minimally processed. I want to buy the raw ingredients and I want to cook it myself. I don’t believe in your latest miracle food. Show me the peer-reviewed scientific studies published in a reputable journal.

If you phrase things about “Five exercises I HAVE to do” then my internal bullshit meter is going to start blaring and I’m going to bristle. Obviously exercise is helpful, but I am starting off from a place of doing NO exercise and exercising to the point of incapacity will put me off. I know myself. I know my capabilities and I know my body. Don’t try and tell me what to do, it makes me cranky.

A lot of things make me cranky. The only reasons I am losing weight are: I don’t feel comfortable at the weight I’m at, I have a few medical issues which losing weight would help and I have petty annoyances like being able to buy clothes that would be easier if I was lighter.

That’s it. This is my choice and part of my bodily autonomy. I don’t force it on anyone else–and I do have friends who are fat (their word) and don’t want to lose weight. That’s fine. They deserve to be treated with respect and with regard to their dignity. It doesn’t matter if people aren’t my friends, the way obese/fat people are treated regularly makes my blood boil. If I see anyone demonising or making fun of fat people, I will pretty much dislike them intensely straight away.

… turns out I’m cranky about a lot of things. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    • caraannewilliams
    • May 16th, 2013

    Being cranky is okay. I’m trying to deal with that aspect of it too.

    What’s your yoga? I was doing Bikram and moved over to Hot Vinyassa (with Bikram elements at its core).

    • I come from a family of pretty legendarily cranky people (… ask me about my Mum’s war with the church sometime. She won.) so I figure that part of it is genetic.
      At the moment, I’m still trying to find decent yoga classes. There was a great instructor at the local gym, a tiny little Indian woman in her 80s, who could still put her feet behind her head. But we didn’t get into a discussion of what discipline she taught, even though half of the class was in Hindi because she’d forget to speak English.
      I’m just trying mostly online resources–some of which probably aren’t authentic at all. In a couple of months, I’ll look into studio classes. There have to be some around!

        • caraannewilliams
        • May 16th, 2013

        Ha! Well, I think your crankiness is pretty justified.

        I started with a yoga video and no idea what I was doing. I still mostly don’t know what I’m doing, but it makes me feel good. 🙂

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