Starting off slowly

I’m almost into the third week, and thus far I’m down 4.19 pounds. That’s good–it’s slow, but a definite decrease.

When I started, I was EXHAUSTED. I have to say, if you decide to start on this? Prep your food beforehand. Plan your menus, make sure you have all meals for most of the week. If you have to go shopping for fresh produce mid-week, make sure it’s stuff that’s on a defined list, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. If you can go to a standalone green-grocer rather than a big supermarket, that’s better, because green-grocers generally don’t stock the sugary treats that you may be tempted to snack on while your body adjusts.

The other thing is soup. Soup is a LIFESAVER. If you have a slow-cooker, even better because you won’t need to use oil. A soup made with broth and no cream is incredibly filling and incredibly tasty. As a note, I weigh the ingredients when I put them in, then I weigh the total dish when it’s finished cooking and divide it up into portions. That enables me to work out the calories of every single serve. Anyway, my first week I basically ate the one soup. I had no energy. If I had to prepare another meal, I would have failed. But having that soup in the freezer meant that I could MAKE myself eat healthily and within my calories for less effort than it would take to get a pizza.

So the first week, my challenge was to change my diet to be balanced, nutritious and calorie controlled. I managed it. And once I adjusted, I found because I was eating fruit and vegetables, I actually had more energy.

The second week, my challenge was to add in some exercise. And I managed it. I’ve run twice this week and I’m going to go for a third run this evening.

(An additional challenge has been to prepare for going out on the weekend and bring my snacks/water. I managed it. I ate lunch before I left, even though I wasn’t hungry, and I packed my snacks and I even went to the pub afterwards and stuck to my water, which is huge for me.)

This week, I’m adding two more dishes to my repertoire. Chicken meat loaf, and shredded pork. I’ve already cooked the pork and it’s delicious. About to go and cook the chicken meat loaf now.

In addition, I have one more sustained challenge. I can’t add too many things at once because I will just fail and give up. But a single change at a time is sustainable. My change this week is going to be to pick an ab workout video from… somewhere and do it every second day.

I have one additional challenge. On Wednesdays, that’s my official weigh in day.

I’m going to take a picture of myself. And I’m going to take my measurements.


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