I am using two sources to track my weight/calorie intake.

I use CalorieKing (US/Australian version) to track my calories. Yes, I do weigh all my food. My internal “This is enough” monitor is clearly not accurate, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up obese. It’s just something that is, and something I have to be aware of. Maybe it will change over time.

The other thing I use is the Hacker’s Diet. I like the fact that it doesn’t judge about the kind of food you eat. Personally, I don’t use their calorie tracker, but their monthly log of weight is AMAZING. It provides you with a smoothed moving average line. It filters out the “noise” that water, salt intake, stress and hormones can create around your weight and then you can focus on the “trend”.

I have to remember that the trend is what’s important. Mine is still down, even though I bounced up 300g and have only just taken it off. That is INSIGNIFICANT.  The trend line is still moving down.

God, I hope my weight continues to go down. I want to break this barrier.

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