I did that

When I started this diet, I looked at what I was eating. I have a sensitivity/allergy to dairy, which meant that I permanently felt like I had a low-grade fever. Muscle aches, joint aches, lethargy. The trouble is, I LOVE cheese, and the effect creeps up on you.

Now that I’ve been strictly dairy-free for a week, I’m really really noticing the difference.

The same with alcohol. When I started, I honestly looked at the level at which I drank. Three glasses of wine or three beers a night. The trouble is–those weren’t standard drinks. A bottle of beer contains 1.4 standard drinks. A “glass” of wine is also more than one standard drink.

It officially met the [country I live in]’s criteria for binge drinking.

It was only at home. I never got a hangover. I didn’t HAVE to have a drink–if I was out, or busy, I just wouldn’t and I wouldn’t notice.

I stopped drinking purely because of the calories. I missed it for two nights, but not anymore. I miss the taste of wine or good beer, but not the calories, not the effects (I’m sleeping better).

I think when the three months is up, I will drink again. But I will limit myself to one glass/beer, and only when I’m out in public/with friends.

My friends are respectful of me not drinking. My family is not going to be. Every single occasion is celebrated with alcohol. My birthday is in a month’s time, and I’m going away to [another city] with my mother.

This is going to be… difficult.

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