Things that tick me off

Food does not have a moral value. It isn’t good or bad, it just is. I need to eat it to live, and yes, it’s tasty.

For me, the question comes down to: Does this help my overall goal. My overall goals are:

  1. Be healthy. At the moment, this involves getting my cholesterol down, getting my blood pressure down, stopping my knees from hurting.
  2. Be happy. Exercise will help me with this.

At the moment, cake does not fit into my overall goal. It’s very calorie dense and while I COULD fit it into my calories for the day, I can’t do so and not feel ravenous a couple of hours later.

Then there’s carb crash. The thing you need to know is: I am a scientist. I observe causes and effects and sometimes treat my own body as if it’s part of a scientific experiment. What I have observed is:

If I eat a huge meal comprising mostly of high GI foods, even if I don’t under- or over-eat my allotted calories, the next day I will feel ravenously hungry, weepy and moody.

I can eat the cake. But it doesn’t help me with where I want to be, and I eat it in the knowledge that the next day, I’m going to feel horrible. Cake’s not bad. Neither am I if I decide to eat it. I just don’t want to at the moment, thank you.

I refuse to feel guilt connected to food. I have knowledge. I am in control. Sometimes, hunger or cravings will lead me to make decisions that don’t support my overall goal. That’s fine, it hasn’t wrecked my chances forever, it’ll just take a little longer to get there.

The main thing is not how many times you fail, but how many times you keep trying until you succeed.

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