I am obese.

I know this.

Every single thing in our culture is geared to telling me that, being female, my obesity impacts my beauty and therefore my worth.

This is bullshit. It may impact my beauty/attractiveness. That’s largely subjective and not really something I’m responsible for (the argument that women should be beautiful is something I have problems with.) It does not, in any way, impact my worth.

I’m still the person I am. I’m as intelligent, cranky, kind. I still have the job I have. The family and friends I love. These are the things my worth is based on, not on my weight.

I actually have a hard time as a feminist justifying why I should lose weight. Then we come to the following:

My weight does impact my health. I have high blood pressure. High cholesterol. My knees hurt. All of these things will improve by losing weight. Also, trivially, I would just LIKE TO BE ABLE TO GO INTO STORES AND BUY ATTRACTIVE CLOTHES.

So my journey begins. I’m doing this mostly by diet and calorie restriction. I’ll try to add a little bit of exercise and gradually ramp it up.

I’ve got vague, inchoate feelings of what I want this blog to be. I want to update at least once a week. I want to remain more or less focussed on weight–not my job, not any other personal stuff.

I may provide weekly photos, I may not. I haven’t decided.

  1. I am obese too. I am working toward being overweight….never thought I’d say that as a goal! And beyond that being a healthy athletics weight. Cheers on the start of your journey!

    • Hi!
      And yes. It has to happen slowly, mostly because we need time to learn new habits. The first week, I worked on getting my base routine, the “I do this without thinking about it” down. The second week, I am gradually adding exercise. Week 3 will be adding one more session of exercise and discovering recipes that fit into my lifestyle.
      Good luck to you!

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